7.14 Renovation Update-01-01-01-01If you would like to donate, please visit the Donation Page.

Current renovation status:

  • The sanctuary is currently under renovation. We will be back at our building per usual starting 7/22. Please note updated worship dates during this time. 

Important upcoming dates:

  • 6/11 – 7/21 – No sanctuary usage during this time
    • Weekday EMP
      • Joint in Lower Fellowship Hall
    • TNP, Saturday EMP
      • EM in Lower Fellowship Hall
      • KM in Board Room
  • 7/7 & 7/15 worship services
    • KM – 10:30am at GCC (Lower Fellowship Hall)
    • EM Bergen – 5:00pm at Promise Church
    • EM Central – no change

Week 9 Updates

New pendent lights were installed to provide brighter lighting. The mezzanine has been restructured for the centralized media station. Sanctuary floor is now ready to put down fresh carpet, and we will be ready for our first worship back in our building next week!

Week 6 Updates

Sanctuary chandeliers have been removed and sold to make room for new lighting. The sanctuary back wall was also taken down to build a new solid wall. Paint work in upper fellowship hall continued on the ceiling facets.

Week 5 Updates

The sanctuary floor has been cleared of all pews this week. Equipment and build materials are being brought in to start renovation work on the floor/carpet, stage, and lighting. The upper fellowship hall is getting closer to completion with fresh paint and installed doors.

Week 3 Updates

Soundproof insulation added into the upper fellowship hall walls to accommodate private meetings! Looking to wrap up here next week to start work in the sanctuary.